IITJEE Tips for Chemistry

Chemistry is the subject which majority of students find difficult to master. Unlike physics and mathematics, it requires a lot of remembering.

Here are a few things, which I followed for studying chemistry

Physical Chemistry requires a good understanding of concepts. Try to understand all the formulae used in physical chemistry, instead of just applying them blindly, as a particular formula may not be applicable to the question. (Example, instead of a dilute solution, the given solution may be concentrated, making most formulae invalid, in that case understanding of the basic principles will help.) Try to solve various types of problems for perfection in physical chemistry, but don’t try to solve various books, as problems tend to repeat a lot among books. Just pick one good book, and stick to it.

Remembering all the chemical reactions in Inorganic Chemistry can be a bit difficult, unless they are revised periodically. Reading from the book every time wastes a lot of time, so I noted down all the important reactions and important points from inorganic chemistry in a notebook and used to revise it periodically. This way, it took me only an hour to go over all the major points of inorganic chemistry and so I could do that frequently.

To score well in Organic Chemistry, you must be comfortable with the initial chapters of organic chemistry i.e. inductive and resonance effects, stability of carbocations etc. as these are referenced in almost all further chapters in organic chemistry. Organic chemistry requires both understanding and some remembering reactions. Make sure that you know all the major reactions, their mechanisms (at least for those in NCERT books) and effect of external factors on the reaction, if applicable.

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